Roisin Duffy


There was a school of fish,

down by the riverbank

teaching us lessons we should have learned

a long time ago.

We didn’t know, we tried to say,

but the fish just groaned,

and rolled their little fish eyes

to the skies, and said, yes you did,

you just didn’t wish to change your lives,

for us.

But now, they said,

in their silvery whispers,

you have to change for all of us.

You, and me, and every fish in the sea,

and every creature who walks on the ground,

every bird who flies,

and every man who choose to believe

his own lies.

We are sinking fast

and the tide has turned,

and now you’ll have to feel the bite

of the damage that’s been done.

We’re fish, we have no arms and legs,

we’re helpless here, and besides,

we didn’t make the mess

that caused this ticking bomb.

You did.

And the people stood

on the riverbank, scared and overwhelmed

which didn’t help at all, as panic

doesn’t make us work for one and all.

Then it’s every man for himself, and sod the fish

and birds and bees.

One, kept her head, and said

let’s listen to the fish.

Let’s figure out what they need,

and let that guide the rest

of what we have to do.

Fish, then fowl, then all the creatures of the world

and then when we have righted all the wrongs

we’ve done to them –

perhaps we’ll have a planet left,

to feed the needs of men.

copyright Roisin Duffy


Price: SOLD.

Artist & Poet