Roisin Duffy


The narcissistic sheep

stood on a rock

and looked into the deep

of a mountain lake,

and looking back at him

was the sweetest little face,

he’d ever seen.

A little warped it was

by the ripples in the pool,

but still, the sheep above

felt like a fool,

in the presence of this beauty,

built with bone and hide

and wool.

After accidental separation

from his flock,

he’d become a little lost

among the trees and rocks,

and for many years

he’d wandered all alone,

afraid, and pining for his own.

So when he saw there in the pond,

a sheep like him but upside down,

he thought he’d seen

the god of sheep,

come to rescue him –

and didn’t realise it was himself

he was admiring,

all the time.

copyright Roisin Duffy


Price: SOLD.

Artist & Poet