Roisin Duffy


He set off on an epic journey,

one man, and his horse.

The potential for adventure

as wide as the desert floor below,

a sea of sand

and possibilities.

He brought no love, nor luggage,

unencumbered by baggage

of any kind.

A fresh start.

A clean slate.

The horizon beckoned.

And he gladly went.

copyright Roisin Duffy

Price: €850. Size: 26” x 36”.


Artist & Poet

This painting will be included in the 2021 Scoop Foundation Charity Auction. Bidding will take place April 24th at 2 p.m.

You must register in advance to bid: Lot 22 Scoop Art Action

The Scoop Foundation (Supporting Children Out Of Poverty) help support the welfare and education of young displaced people living in camps in Iraq & Syria, as well as young refugees living in Direct Provision Centres in Ireland.

This year’s Art Auction is raising funds to support the delivery of SCOOP Ed to displaced young people living in Direct Provision Centres in Ireland and IDP Camps in the Middle East.