Roisin Duffy


She loves a good challenge,

the fastest, the fittest, the first,

but I like to take my time

and look.

She flies up the mountain,

her only goal

the summit peak,

her only real objective

beating me, and the mountain,

and herself.

I dwander along at my own speed,

no rush on me

only whatever time it’s dark.

I see the views open up

and it does my head good,

looking down

at how far we’ve come.

She passes me on the way down

and she lies,

as you do to other weary climbers,

‘not far now’.

But I know from her smug smile

I’ve miles to go.

I don’t mind.

I know when I reach the top

I’ll sit, and catch my breath,

and enjoy the panorama

spread before me,

which she never does.

Which of us wins the challenge?

Who can say.

copyright Roisin Duffy


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