Roisin Duffy


I met a little boy

who said he told a white lie,

just a teensy tiny little lie

as white as driven snow,

but the second that it left his mouth

it rolled and rolled and rolled.

It flew down the steep hill

like a snowball picking up speed,

and every single person that it passed

added on another bit to it.

The boy gave chase

and ran as fast as he could,

but a rolling snowball down a hill

moves much faster

than his little legs would.

He shed a little tear

as he told me all this tale of woe,

little lies, like snowballs,

can’t be caught once you let them go.

I think he learned his lesson though,

to always tell the truth,

for lies take off like snowballs

but the truth never moves.

copyright Roisin Duffy

Price: €300.  

Size: 14” x 12”.

          Title: SNOWBALLING

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