Roisin Duffy


Billy and Bob went for a wander,

and ended up on an isle in the center

of a swirling blue torrent of water,

caught out by the tides that were turning.

Their friends on the bank in the distance,

were helpless to do much but gaze in horror

across the expanse of blue water,

to their friends who were sea-locked and stranded.

They worried how Billy and Bob would survive

on an island all by themselves,

but after they passed by their first wave of panic,

those lost sheep began to enjoy the quiet.

What a blessed relief it was to be lost,

away from the constant bleating and baaing

of all of the rest of their brothers,

they decided that maybe they’d stay a bit longer.

The sea, the very next morning,

receded enough for the sheep to go home,

but despite the pleas from their friends,

they remained, castaways, for another few days.

copyright Roisin Duffy


Price: Sold. Size: 12” x 24”.

Artist & Poet