Roisin Duffy


I dreamed I had a penguin as a pet.

I found him in the snow,

we kept each other warm

while we slept.

I’ve no idea how

he strayed so far from home,

but I was glad he wasn’t

stranded here alone.

He was only a baby

so fuzzy and warm,

and though I knew it couldn’t work,

still I brought him home.

I dreamt he snuggled into me,

I could feel his downy feathers,

when morning came and I awoke

I was missing him already.

After a while, and a cup of tea,

I felt a huge relief,

that it was just a dream

and not an act of cruelty.

A penguin should be in the wild

unowned and free to roam,

and not trapped in my house,

just to save me from alone.

copyright Roisin Duffy


Price: SOLD.

Artist & Poet