Roisin Duffy


Farmer bought a calf,

from a man outside the mart.

He thought it was a little odd,

how long its neck, how gold its coat,

but it was cheap, and he was broke.

He took it home and put it in

with all the other calves,

they didn’t always get along

but farmer passed no remarks on that,

sure that’s life.

As months went on he began to see

that his new calf was going to be

much taller than the rest.

Its coat too, he noticed,

didn’t look the same,

its head was odd indeed

but who was he to blame

an innocent beast.

One day a neighbour asked about

the giraffe out in the field,

but he still refused to hear,

never mind believe.

That’s a special calf says he,

one that I think I’ll keep,

no butcher shop for him

but a companion just for me.

He can reach for apples

from the tall trees in the orchard,

and clean the gutters with his tongue

and save me going up the ladder.

Sure he’ll be useful indeed.

Blind are those with no intention

of seeing what they don’t

want mentioned.

So farmer kept his ‘special’ cow

he kept it in the barn,

and even though he had to raise the roof,

sure that did him no harm.

And as long as no one pointed out

he’d bought a giraffe and not a calf,

he was able to keep his pride intact,

and they both led a very happy life.

And sure that’s the main thing.

copyright Roisin Duffy

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